We intend to teach Southern Indian communities to use recycled plastic bottles & locally sourced materials to create affordable and sustainable solar light for people with limited to no access to electricity. Once our product has been tested, we will select volunteers from the Hope team to travel to the Southern Indian regions to teach and implement the solar light bottles.

Our Current Projects 2017/18

We want to tackle the loneliness and boredom elderly people face in our community by providing light, fun exercise classes run by students -  bringing residents & students together with lively music, equipment and different themes each week !

We are working with Reading-based charity Creating Better Futures with the vision of empowering young women within the rural area of the Domboshowa region in Zimbabwe. This project aims to create a co-operative where these women will learn to make their own reusable sanitary towels from local materials which they can then both use & sell to make their own money


This project aims to address the basic lack of education and opportunities faced by women in Kenyan agriculture and farming industries.  

Our aim is to produce as much money for enactus as possible to help fund projects within the team. The ways in doing this can be very creative and fun. We've done a cookie collect service where the enactus team baked delicious flavoured cookies from salted caramel to white chocolate and raspberry. We are always looking for creative ideas so come and join us! 

UP & COMING Projects 2018

Let us know!
We are always looking to implement new, exciting projects & would love to hear your ideas!
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