Meet Our 2018/19 Committee


"As Co-President of Enactus Reading I am responsible for the overview of both an international and local project within the team. Additionally, I organise team management through running weekly meetings and events. I regularly liaise with Enactus UK to strengthen our team."

Dan Lewis


"As vice president I assist with overall team operations. My favourite aspect of Enactus is the sustainability and simplicity of our projects "

Navpreet Juty


"Hi I’m Ed and I’m going to be studying maths in my third year. I will be the Enactus treasurer this year, so my job will be to organise the teams accounts. My hope this year is to organise and run fundraising events for the society to bring more money flowing in: more money means more opportunity for change! I feel this is going to be an exciting year for Enactus and I’m glad to be along for the ride.."

Ed Cooke

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"As co-president my role is to oversee the overall running of the team and lead our member recruitment. Having founded the project Hope, I assist our project leader Emma with the running of the project on the ground in India. "

Jehan Sethna

Welfare & Commercial Leader

"My role is to produce as much money for enactus as possible to help fund projects within the team. The ways in doing this can be very creative and fun. We've done a cookie collect service where the enactus team baked delicious flavoured cookies from salted caramel to white chocolate and raspberry. We are always looking for creative ideas so come and join us!"

Wafa Islam

Corporate Relations Executive

"As CRE, my role is to liaise with the university and business advisors to give feedback to the team. Through my role, I hope to provide the Enactus Reading team with more opportunities for personal and project development."

Nashwa Waheed

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Media & Marketing Executive/Welfare rep

"My role is to keep our website & social media accounts up-to-date with content about what great work our team has been implementing through our projects & fundraising."

Dayo Sangowawa

Competition Director

As competition director I am responsible for Enactus Reading’s involvement in the regional and national competitions that take place at the end of the academic year. Throughout the year I keep track of the project’s progress by assisting with secretarial duties such as taking minutes and helping with the weekly whole team meetings.

Victoria Brewer

'Revitalise' Project Leader

"My name is Omolade Ogundimu I’m a second year law student at the University of Reading. I’m currently in the position of Project Manager for  Revitalise."

Omolade Ogundimu

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'Hope' Project Leader

"My role at Enactus Reading is being the project leader of the International Project Hope. Hope is an new and developing social enterprise in Southern Indian that recycles water bottles and transforms them into solar light energy for the deprived." 

Emma Weaver

'Zimpower' Project Leader

"I’m ( finally ) in my third year of my Real estate course ( mama I made it !) I’m driven by passion and all the other good stuff ! 
As project leader of Zimpower . My goal is to see that women and girls in Zimbabwe are receiving the right kind of menstrual hygiene materials and the knowledge that comes with that ."

Rutendo Mataruka

'Fanikisha' Project Leader

"Ronald is an Msc Investments Management student at ICMA Centre, University of Reading. He has more than 3 years of experience in management of startups in Kenya. He takes pride in conscientious thinking about welfare of the Rural smallholder farmers in Kenya and that's what's propelling him to Lead the Fanikisha Initiative Team to economically empower more than 50,000 women and youths in the next 3 years."

Ronald Walesa Wafula

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